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VirtueScript is a web-based, mobile-friendly application workflow management and logistics solution platform. VirtueScript excels in serving the highly-fragmented pharmacy market. VirtueScript strives to lower costs and improve the revenue cycle for pharmacies by improving staff efficiency, removing waste, and increasing patient satisfaction. The VirtueScript platform gives unparalleled visibility to pharmacy operations, which is essential in an environment of shrinking reimbursements, growing audit risk, and persistent demand for information from patients and caregivers. 

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With VirtueScript, pharmacies can drive out unnecessary costs and improve revenue cycle by improving staff efficiency, lowering waste, increasing patient satisfaction, and providing unparalleled visibility to your pharmacy operations. These improvements are vital for pharmacies who are facing shrinking reimbursements, growing audit risk and persistent demand for information from patients and caregivers.


Integration with  Existing Pharmacy Systems

The VirtueScript system integrates with multiple pharmacy management systems, which limits double entry and transcription errors. Furthermore, with a seamless integration with ShipStation, users have access to one-stop shipping through all major carriers.

Order Status Visibility

With a modern user interface that resembles that of popular ride-sharing applications, pharmacy staff and patients can track the status of all orders scheduled for delivery. When the shipment leaves the pharmacy, the patient is notified and updates are provided on a regular basis via text, secure email, or via the mobile app. The visibility and accountability builds confidence and reduces patient calls about deliveries. Historical information is also available. 

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Pharmacies have visibility into the entire delivery process and can pull reports on performance. Archives of delivery proof are easy to pull up if needed for inquiries and audits. 

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